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ArtCats for Joomla! Examples - Sitemap Mode Example

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ArtCats 2.0.4 Demo (Sitemap Mode)

I envisioned the Sitemap Mode being used in conjunction with the loadposition content plugin that comes with Joomla!. In order to use Sitemap Mode you must create an instance of the ArtCats module and then do the following:

  1. Set the Module Position to one that does not exist in your template (e.g. "hidden")
  2. Set the Module Mode to Sitemap
  3. Set Template Type to "sitemap"
  4. Set HTML ID for Expandable Mode to "artcats_sitemap"
  5. Set Sitemap Template to "default.css"
  6. Additionally, depending on your template, you may want to open up modules/mod_artcats/tmpl/css/sitemap/default.css and comment out line 27: "padding-left:0 !important;" which was keeping the nested lists from being indented properly on the template being used for this site.

Click here to view an Example of the Sitemap Mode or use the Sitemap link in the Main Menu above.


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